MaiaCo was created to work as a strategic partner, counselor, connector, and community builder committed for the long-haul. Our goal is Gary’s goal: to improve the quality of life for Gary residents and ensure Gary residents have the first opportunity to benefit from the development that will occur in Gary.

FACT: MaiaCo never takes control of the land. The City of Gary always maintains control.

FACT: MaiaCo does not prohibit the City from doing whatever it wants with the land; MaiaCo has limited rights, but it is the City’s land.

FACT: MaiaCo works within defined project areas. If you are not in one of the areas, we do not operate in your neighborhood.

FACT: MaiaCo cannot make money, or even get its investment back, without the City of Gary making money.

FACT: MaiaCo is not a vendor, supplier, developer, or professional services firm the City of Gary or the GRC pays…ever.

FACT: MaiaCo is headquartered in Gary, only operates in Gary, employs Gary residents, and focuses entirely on supporting the City and its residents.

FACT: MaiaCo has no rights to force people out of their houses.

FACT: MaiaCo does not make any decisions for the City. It delivers the resources to enable the City to execute its vision.

FACT: MaiaCo is not a developer. It is a committed, strategic partner that provides the financial resources, the relationships, and the community-building skills within Gary.